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Instant news Australia report: Australia drug consumption amounted to 9 billion 300 million Australian dollars a year Shanghai Jiao Tong University and the University of New South Wales Confucius School of strategic cooperation and the ten anniversary celebration held in Sydney Australia Victoria: finance ministers will increase the density of urban housing resettlement New Zealand Prime Minister said that does not exclude HUAWEI in the construction of 5G When driving what mood? Australia Queensland will allow printing plate emoticons Not only learning Chinese New Zealand police as Chinese jiaozi 8 million New Zealand vehicle airbag has been replaced with super 60% kept hidden Australia a couple of giant cabbage 2019 Oakland Lantern Festival opening Xu Darwin Consul General attended and delivered a speech Sydney Macao research: the high cost of living is still the most expensive housing expenditure

Confucius School of University of New South Wales was founded in 10th anniversary celebration held in Sydney

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Politics | Economics In an interview with the mayor In an interview with the Chinese members

Consulate General in Sydney China held to commemorate the anniversary of reform and opening up China 40

Sociology | science and technology All the new year pay New Year's call Australia

Sydney New Year Celebration Fireworks Fireworks ceremony held 8.5 tons shipment shipment

Culture | Sports 2016 Australian Open feather Delicacy beauty off

Sydney New Year celebration held in 2019 for fireworks

education | Overseas Study In an interview with the Australian university president

"Me and my eyes China": from the Silk Road to The Belt and Road Chinese "in development

House property | Investment

The new Australian business investment immigration suspended

overseas Chinese | Chinese

For 200 years in Australia Chinese footprint Sixth

Tourism delicacy

Welcome attention to Australia
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