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Instant news How to use the "about" cultural center China social platform in New Zealand issued the first wave "delicacy summoned" Australia plans to slash the permanent immigration quotas for the year Oakland beach can pick shellfish? Chinese media: illegal consequences A primary school in New Zealand to cancel year-end awards "is inconsistent with the values" New Zealand will raise minimum wage labor to improve the overall level of skilled migrants Dare to go? Kojima Shonari Sydney "haunted" tourist attractions Australia "Dirty Truth" report: low income community serious pollution Sydney customers $5500 China takeout dispatched 29 staff room The new Australian government thanked the Chinese community donations will be held for drought resistance The three suspects planned to launch terrorist attack has been arrested in Melbourne Australia

"To commemorate the Chinese arrived in Australia 200 anniversary documentary series" released in Sydney

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Politics | Economics In an interview with the mayor In an interview with the Chinese members

"The beer town air bridge - Qingdao Capital Airlines direct flights to Sydney sailing anniversary

Sociology | science and technology All the new year pay New Year's call Australia

2018 "Chinese - New Zealand scientist exchange program launched in Beijing

Culture | Sports 2016 Australian Open feather Delicacy beauty off

Australian National Ballet new interpretation of "Sleeping Beauty" in Shanghai

education | Overseas Study In an interview with the Australian university president

Australia's "best science teacher": let students science and life.

House property | Investment

Chinese media: New Zealand where prices soaring fastest most in Oakland

overseas Chinese | Chinese

Chinese six Northern Province loess pro - Prairie "gala held in Sydney

Tourism delicacy

Welcome attention to Australia
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