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Instant news The Expo will bring good results to farmers and animal husbandry exporters. Add accusations! New Zealand suspects prosecution of mosque shooting for terrorist attack Australian man dug up to 1.4 kg of gold bullion market value of about 100 thousand Australian dollars. 6.3 magnitude earthquake in New Caledonia, South Pacific "Chinese Bridge" World University Students' Chinese competition, Melbourne tournament ends Australian life photography exhibition focuses on multicultural life in Australia Obesity is affecting the life expectancy of Australians. Australian Koala appears "functional extinction": there is not enough adult koala to reproduce. The New Zealand tax bureau placed the Oolong 9 month old baby in a letter and said, "it's time to pay taxes." Australian election results come out of public opinion reversed Morrison's ruling

Australian Prime Minister Morrison announces victory in Commonwealth of Australia's general election

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Current politics A kind of Economics Exclusive interview with Mayor An interview with Chinese American parliamentarians

China diesel locomotive exported to Australia to write a new chapter of high quality development along the belt

Sociology A kind of science and technology Spring Festival in Australia

Let's go to Australia to return to China. Australia extends the lease by 5 years

Culture A kind of Sports 2016 Australian Open Gourmet beauty

The 2019 beauty of the thousand faces of Jiangcheng, China, the opening ceremony of New Zealand Tourism Culture Week

education A kind of Overseas Study Australian university presidents interview

"I and the Chinese in my eyes" -- an interview with Mike, President of University of Sydney

House property A kind of Investment

Australia's highest risk of housing loans announced

overseas Chinese A kind of Chinese

Australian Chinese history association holds a seminar on Australian Chinese drama history

Tourist delicacies

Welcome to the people's Republic of Australia.
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